NeNe Chicken 50cm Hotplate Chicken!

06 May 2017

Nene Chicken Hotplate Chicken 2017 - 1080 PX

OMG we have been super excited about our new 50cm hotplate chicken and FINALLY we can share it with you guys!! This hotplate features our signature crispy chicken x9pcs, curly fries, stew chicken, 3 sauces and the star of the show: stretchy, gooey cheese!

Today is the 3rd day of the launch of our Hotplate chicken, and we just want to thank everyone for the support. Thank you Thank you for waiting patiently in the queue :) We promise that it will be worth the wait.

Here are some photos from our customers enjoying their hotplate chicken:


IMG_9408 2

IMG_9407 2

And here are some legit #NeNeCheesePull skills:

NeNe_Hotplate-2   NeNe_Hotplate-3   NeNe_Hotplate-1

Here is also the charming Gerald (@geraldpng) with his hotplate:


(can’t get over that cute wink)

SO, anyhoos tag us on Instagram or Facebook and with the hashtag #NeNeCheesePull to show us how you pull your cheese! We like to pull it as long as we can till the cheese strands become thin, twirl it slowly around a chicken and DEVOUR! The cheese strands are thinner so you taste the perfect balance between the cheese and our chicken. So satisfying we tell you.

Can never repeat ourselves enough. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone for your support, and love for NeNe Chicken. Our aim is to create a fun experience for you guys to dine, awesome food (always) and basically make everyone happy. You Happy, we Happy la. That’s why our slogan is called Happy Choice :)

Also, we would love to hear from everyone what other fun food you would like to see in NeNe Chicken in future. We promise to take it into consideration. Some of our Instagram fans thought that our new launch is fried mushrooms and we tried to fry it. Emmm.. let’s just say that we need more time 😀

Ok got to go prepare chickens now. Ending this post with the cute wink again:


ok bye!