Introducing our Gimbaps (Exclusively available at Bukit Panjang Plaza)

01 Oct 2015

Gimbaps (Instagram)2


Our Gimbaps 김밥 are back at Bukit Panjang Plaza!!

Gimbaps are seasoned rice rolled with vegetables and meat using dried seaweed. As it is very versatile and easy to eat, this dish is usually prepared for picnics or packed into lunch boxes. At Nene Chicken, we have rolled and rolled and came up with 6 very tasty flavours just for you!

Unlike the traditional Gimbaps where it is sliced thinly into smaller pieces, Nene Chicken’s Gimbaps are not sliced and served to you like a roll. This is so that all the flavours retains inside the roll and every bite is exploding with flavour!

Do head down to Bukit Panjang Plaza to try them all soon and let us know what is your favourite flavour!